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The secret behind our best writing experience yet

In education, writing on an interactive whiteboard might be the most important functionality there is. Therefore, the writing experience on the Prowise Touchscreen Ten has been perfected. You will discover the secret behind this full pen-on-paper experience in this blog about touch technology, display bonding, nano-textured glass and writing software.

The Touchscreen Ten is equipped with two pens, so you can easily write on the screen with two people at the same time. Each pen can save a different colour so writing simultaneously gets even easier. In addition, there is the possibility to change background colors and to take notes over current websites, documents and applications. Not satisfied? Erase your notes by swiping your hand.

What makes the writing experience on our touchscreens so special?

ProWrite touch technology The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is equipped with the ProWrite touch technology. This touch technology is integrated in the glass panel. This means that a touch (finger, object, or writing) is immediately linked to an action that is visible for you. It creates a more intuitive interactive experience and is significantly different than the touchscreens that use the standard IR touch or P-CAP touch.

Benefits of Prowrite touch technology

  • Writing speed: lightning quick, no delay (pen-on-paper experience)

  • Writing accuracy: writing/drawing in your own handwriting

  • Hand palm recognition: use the palm of your hand as an eraser

  • Switch between the pen (writing) and your finger (moving objects)

  • Write, erase, use tools with many users at the same time (40 touch points)

  • No battery in the pen

ProWrite Touch

Standard IR


Hand palm recognition

Erase with the palm of your hand


Active pen needed

Object recognition

Switch between the pen (writing) and your finger (moving objects)


Active pen needed

Thin screen frame

This leaves more space for the screen and looks sleek



Passive pen

No hassle with batteries or losing expensive pens



Display bonding

No space between glass panel and LCD panel



Nano-textured glass


Display bonding The so-called display bonding technology sticks the glass panel directly to the LCD panel, removing the space in between. Your touch (writing, drawing, or finger) is directly linked to an action. This way, you are able to write more accurately, smoothly, and quicker than ever before on a Prowise screen. Moreover, display bonding reduces the glare on the screen, since external lighting is not reflected. This ensures an even better display quality and reduces the impact of sunlight. Thanks to the 178-degree viewing angle, the content on screen is always visible.

Nano-textured glass We make a huge leap forward with the glass panel in the Prowise Touchscreen Ten. This is because we found a solution to limit glare caused by sunlight or other lighting. Many touchscreen suppliers apply a coating on the glass: an anti-glare coating.

We want to offer our users an even better viewing experience. Therefore, we stopped using the coating, and instead changed the surface of the glass panel by applying nano-texture. As one of the world's only screens (Apple offers a nano option for the iMacs, at an additional price), the Prowise Touchscreen Ten is provided with an integrated nano-textured glass panel without additional charge. This reduces glare, reflection and fingerprints and compromises nothing on contrast and brightness. Anti-glare perfected!

The nano-textured glass panel not only offers an incredible viewing experience, it also guarantees a smoother writing experience for writing, taking notes, or making drawings on the touchscreen.

Software The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is a unique writing solution in the market with respect to touch technology (ProWrite), glass panel (nano-textured), and display bonding (no space between glass panel and LCD panel), Prowise would not be Prowise if we would leave it at that. No, we go one step further. In addition to our hardware, we also developed our software entirely under Prowise management. This guarantees that the hardware (the screen) and the software (ProNote) work together seamlessly and offer the very best writing experience possible on a Prowise screen. ProNote (the writing and annotation software in Prowise Central) is specially developed to operate optimally on our touchscreens and offer the best writing experience thanks to touch technology, display bonding, and nano-textured glass.

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