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Privacy & Security

A top priority

Your privacy, security, and safety are key to us.

This stems from a deep belief in the right to privacy, especially when it comes to vulnerable groups such as children. 

This belief is reflected in our basic privacy values.

We Care, We Protect and We Do Not Share

We Care

We handle your data with care and respect. When developing our products, privacy is the first aspect we take into account.

We Protect

We offer safe and secure solutions that are certified by independent authorities.

We Do Not Share

Data is not our business model. We develop our products completely independently.

We Care

European Regulations

Prowise is a European company and therefore complies with the strict European regulations with regard to product development, privacy, and security. These regulations are much more stringent than in China.

Privacy By Design

Since everything is developed under Prowise management, your privacy is the first thing we consider. We do not depend on third parties such as suppliers and factories.

Friendly Hackers

Friendly hackers (so-called white hat hackers) thoroughly test our hardware and software so we can protect it in the best way possible.



We Protect

AV Test Institute: Approved IoT Product

Following a state-of-the-art test procedure, the independent German AV Test Institute confirms the security of the Prowise Touchscreen Ten and software with an 'Approved IoT Product' certification. 

The AV Test Institute tests whether devices, services, and apps meet strict requirements for communication, data protection, and application security.

Privacy Verified

The Privacy Verified certificate is awarded by ICTRecht. This is an important consultancy firm in the field of ICT, internet, and privacy legislation. You will undoubtedly understand that this advisory agency does not just hand out certificates.

Prior to this, a company is thoroughly tested. This includes an annual audit of the privacy statement, internal procedures such as listing agreements, and checking ICT systems.


ISO 27001 certified

The ISO 27001 standard describes how an organization can set up its information security in a process-oriented way with the aim of ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information within an organization.

By obtaining this certificate Prowise demonstrates that its information security is in order. This means, for example, that student data and customer data  are handled with care.

CIPP/E Certified

The CIPP/E certification demonstrates that certain people in our company have extensive knowledge of the GDPR and of data protection in Europe.


ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems and is perhaps one of the best known ISO standards there is. 

With the ISO 9001 certification Prowise shows that we comply with international requirements in the field of quality management. With this we prove that all processes (from quotation to delivery and from product development to customer management) are regulated down to the last detail and comply with rules and legislation.

Student Privacy Pledge

The Student Privacy Pledge is a legally binding statement by edtech companies in which they promise to protect the privacy of students.

Lift safety

The double safety wheels have an automatic braking system so that the lift can only be moved in its lowest position, which increases safety. When the lift moves up or down, obstacles are detected by sensors and the lift stops immediately.

All Prowise lift systems have been developed entirely in-house and have recognized, independent certifications such as CE and GS.

General safety

The Prowise Touchscreen is equipped with special safety glass and a robust casing.

Our lift systems have independent safety certificates and an automatic safety stop for when students pass underneath the lift while in operation.

We Do Not Share

Updates via own and local servers

For at least the first five years and free of charge we take care of updates for your touchscreens on new features, performance, and security. These over-the-air (OTA) updates are installed via 100% safe, local and Prowise-owned servers, without intervention of an administrator.

Data is not our business model

Data is not a business model for us. Our touchscreens and software products are used by over 800,000 teachers and students. Their data is not sold commercially.

App Store under Prowise management

The Prowise App Store is fully under Prowise management. This allows all the apps to work perfectly on the touchscreens and are entirely safe and ad-free.

The Biggest Compliment

Prowise is the only touchscreen supplier to comply with the strict privacy regulations of the UK Ministry of Defence.

For years it has therefore been the trusted supplier of touchscreens and interactive whiteboard software to several departments within the Ministry.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

During development of software, we take utmost case to make sure no critical bugs are left in code that could expose information in a way that is not intended or safe. However, regardless of how much effort is taken to try and prevent issues, some may still persist and end up in released versions. Please let us know if you found a weak spot in one of our systems.

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