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  • How do I turn the touchscreen on and off?
    Turn on Ensure the touchscreen is connected to the main power supply. Turn ON the power switch on the bottom left-hand side of the touchscreen. There are a few different options to turn on the touchscreen once activated: Press the control button located in the middle of the speaker bar of the touchscreen Press the on/off button on the supplied remote control Turn off Using the on/off button of the control panel: Press the control button in the middle of the speaker bar. The notification ‘The system will shut down in 10 seconds’ will appear. Select 'Shut down' if you want to shut down the touchscreen immediately, or wait 10 seconds. Press 'Cancel' to cancel the shut-down process. Turn off the main power supply by using the power switch on the left hand side of the touchscreen (see picture). Shut down automatically When no active input source has been detected in a specific input channel, a notification will appear after 3 minutes to shut down the touchscreen. This notification will be automatically accepted after 10 seconds by the system and the touchscreen will be shut down.
  • How do I connect the touchscreen to a network?
    Connect your touchscreen to a wireless Wi-Fi network or via a network cable. Ethernet Connect the network cable to the LAN port of your touchscreen. The touchscreen will automatically detect the network and connect to it as soon as ‘Ethernet’ has been activated in the settings menu. Follow the steps below to view the specifications of the network: Open the Central menu by clicking on the hamburger menu icon in the quick menu. Open the sidebar to access the settings menu Select the sub-menu ‘Connectivity’ Select ‘Ethernet’ by activating the toggle The network specifications will be displayed You can easily loop the LAN connection by using the LAN out port of the screen. Please note that the LAN connection can only be looped through when the screen itself is connected with a LAN cable and turned on. When a device is connected to the LAN out port, it will have its own IP and MAC address. Wi-Fi connection Follow the steps below to set up a connection to a Wi-Fi network: Make sure the Wi-Fi module is installed correctly Open the Central menu by clicking on the hamburger menu icon in the quick menu. Open the sidebar to access the settings menu Select the sub-menu ‘Connectivity’ Select ’Wi-Fi’. The touchscreen will scan for available networks Select the preferred network. Click on ‘Advanced’ if you want to connect with an advanced network Voer het wachtwoord voor het netwerk in. Selecteer het oog pictogram als u de tekens van het wachtwoord wilt weergeven. Enter the network password. Click on the eye icon to reveal the password. Under the advanced button in the connectivity menu you can open the advanced network settings.
  • What does ProWrite®-technology mean?
    The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is equipped with two pens. These are conveniently located at the front of the screen and automatically click into place when you hold a pen in front of the docking station. By using ProWrite® Touch technology we have been able to implement a natural writing experience on the touchscreen. ProWrite® Touch technology combined with the Nano technology glass ensures higher precision when writing, less latency, and a smaller contact height for a writing experience that rivals pen to paper. What makes the ProWrite® technology combined with the pen unique is that the pen has 2 different writing sizes for writing on the screen. The advantages of this are: Write small and switch to large without the need for software Switch between colors by turning the pen around Write simultaneously in 2 different colors and sizes In addition to the uniquely designed pens, we have enhanced the technology to give you a better experience. Some of the improvements are: Fast writing response Pen tip of only 2 mm Full Windows Ink support Support for 40 touch points Support for 20 writing points With this technology the Prowise touchscreen is an ideal touchscreen for collaborative work and writing.
  • Set up Touchscreen Ten as a Hotspot
    If the Prowise Touchscreen Ten is connected to the internet via a LAN connection, you can set the screen as a hotspot. Open the Central settings by clicking on the cogwheel and choose 'Connectivity'. You will see the following screen: If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you must first disconnect it. Click on the connection and select 'Disconnect'. Click on the "Wifi hotspot" button. You will see the following screen: You can activate the hotspot by clicking on the slider in the upper right corner. By clicking on the "Hotspot name" button, you can change the name of the hotspot. Click on 'Security' to select 'WPA2 PSK' or 'No security'. Click on 'Password hotspot' to set the password. In the 'Advanced' section, you can indicate whether the hotspot should remain active when no devices are connected: The hotspot is now set up. You can close the windows by pressing the back button.
  • Are there microphones in the Prowise Touchscreen Ten?
    The Prowise touchscreen has 6 wide area microphones. Thanks to these 6 wide area microphones, the recording quality is excellent, making the Prowise touchscreen ideal for video conferencing. Use the microphone in Prowise Central or if a PC module is installed. 6x integrated microphones Fully integrated in the Touchscreen OS Autoswitch: Windows OPS / Central For small to medium-sized rooms Thanks to the microphone and camera passthrough, it is possible to loop the microphone and camera input on the touchscreen through to your own device. This allows you to easily participate in video calls via Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google meet, etc. To use this function, you must ensure that: Your device is connected with a USB-Touch cable or with a USB-C port. The USB cable used is not too long.
  • What can I do with the control button on my touchscreen?
    The control button can be found in the middle of the speaker bar of the touchscreen. Control button: When the touchscreen is in standby mode, short-press this button to turn it back on again. When the touchscreen is turned on, long-press this button to turn it off or to use the freeze function of the blank screen function. When the touchscreen is turned on, short-press this button to open the Central menu. The LED inside the control button indicates the touchscreen’s status: The touchscreen is switched on: White Background lighting is disabled: White Sleep mode: Flashing red (every 2 seconds) Standby mode: Red
  • How do I use the touchscreen energy efficiently?
    There are several ways to save energy with the touchscreen: Unplug the power cable if the screen will not be used for an extended period of time. The power consumption in standby mode is <0.5 watts. The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is ENERGY STAR certified. When the touchscreen is no longer usable, it can be disposed of at a designated collection point. PLEASE NOTE! When WOL (wake on LAN) and WOS (wake on source) are enabled, the energy consumption in standby mode increases!
  • What is the best way to clean my touchscreen?
    Clean the screen with a dry, lint-free, microfiber cloth. Ensure this cloth is free of impurities. If you wish to use a cleanser, always use a cleanser recommended by Prowise. Do not use any aggressive cleansers as these can cause damage to the screen. Never spray a cleanser directly onto the screen, apply it to a cloth first. The cloth may be slightly damp, but not wet, as this can cause damage to the screen. Gently wipe down the screen with the cloth. For the best result, clean the screen by making gentle, circular movements without applying too much pressure. Never use an abrasive cleanser. Warning! In the unlikely event that the touchscreen gets wet, do not turn the power on and do not insert the power cable into the electrical outlet. This can result in an electric shock. Should the touchscreen get wet while it is turned on, immediately turn off the power supply and disconnect the power cable of the touchscreen from the electrical outlet to avoid a short circuit. COVID-19: clean your touchscreen according to WHO guidelines World Health Organization guidelines recommend using the following products to clean your touchscreen against COVID-19: 70-90% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 70-90% Ethanol Follow the steps below to clean your touchscreen with any of the products listed: Apply the Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol to a microfiber cloth Wipe the glass of the Prowise touchscreen with the microfiber cloth in one smooth motion Never apply the liquids mentioned directly to the touchscreen. Then dry the glass with a dry microfiber cloth
  • Can I use my NFC card on an external PC?
    NFC works only in combination with a Prowise screen (ProLine, ProLine+, Prowise Touchscreen) and the internal Prowise PC module. NFC cannot be used on an external PC.
  • Safety instructions Prowise Touchscreen Ten
    Safety Never open the housing of the touchscreen! You can get an electric shock or cause a short circuit. Do not use the touchscreen during thunderstorms and unplug the power cable to avoid damage due to a lightning strike. Make sure your touchscreen does not get wet! This could lead to a short circuit and electrocution hazard. Do not install the device close to water and do not place objects containing liquid on or next to it. A high volume level can cause permanent hearing damage. If the device is used at high sound volume for an extended period of time, it can cause hearing damage to the listener. Use only the components and accessories supplied by Prowise. Always turn off the touchscreen and unplug it from the electrical outlet when changing a module. Do not insert objects into the openings of the touchscreen that are not intended for this purpose. This can cause short-circuit or even fire. Placement We recommend not to install the touchscreen yourself or by a third party. Let Prowise or a certified Prowise partner install or mount the touchscreen to avoid possible damage. Prowise can not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by incorrect installation by third parties. Damage due to incorrect installation by third parties will not be covered by the warranty. Do not install or place the touchscreen onto an unstable wall or floor. Do not use the touchscreen in an industrial environment where it is frequently exposed to vibrations and/or dust. Do not place the touchscreen close to equipment that generates heat. Make sure that all ventilation openings, located at the back of the touchscreen, stay uncovered, so hot air can escape. Only connect the touchscreen to an earthed electrical socket. Repair Never repair the touchscreen yourself! WARNING! Warning for electrified parts! Never open the housing of the touchscreen! You can get an electric shock, cause a short circuit or even a fire. This can cause injuries or damage to yourself and/or the touchscreen.
  • Overview of MOVE camera operation in conjunction with video conferencing
    The following overview shows how the MOVE camera reacts to various applications in combination with our own software and the PC module. The following software packages have been tested in combination with the MOVE camera: - Skype - Skype for Business - Zoom - Microsoft Teams - Google Meet Central 3.2 includes the following apps in the Prowise appstore: - Skype - Zoom - Microsoft Teams - Google Meet These apps give a good sound and clear image (1080p). Skype for Business is not ready to be used due to some issues with the MOVE-camera. The Prowise browser and Firefox app are currently not fully suitable for the use of video conferencing. On the PC module the downloadable applications have been tested and their functioning in the different browsers. When using the downloaded applications from Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, the experience is the best. In the browser the user experience will not be as optimal as in the app. So we recommend to always use the application if possible. The browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge have also been tested with the latest version. Skype works properly in Chrome and Edge. Zoom cannot be used in the browser, you will be redirected directly to downloading the app. Microsoft Teams works properly in Chrome and Edge. Google Meet works properly in Chrome and Edge. Skype for business only works in combination with other webcams. The use of the Mozilla Firefox browser is therefore not recommended for videoconferencing in combination with the MOVE camera.
  • How to update the MOVE app to the 1.4 version
    Update to the 1.4 version: When the 1.3 version is already installed on the screen, you only need to update the app in the Prowise App Store. If the 1.3 version is not yet installed on the screen, you need to follow the next steps: ◦ Go to the Prowise store ◦ Delete the MOVE app ◦ Install the MOVE app ◦ Now your app is up to date From now on, you only need to update the app after a release.
  • Flickering image in the Windows environment
    If you are experiencing problems with flickering images in the Windows environment, the default video driver has probably been overwritten by Windows update. This can be solved by installing the following driver: To install this driver, you need admin rights. If you do not have admin rights, it is best to contact your Windows administrator.
  • Sound drops out in the Windows environment
    Sometimes the sound in Windows cuts out. After a restart, the sound works again. You can solve this problem in the following way. Admin rights are needed to solve this problem. If you get the message that you are logged in as a standard user, you need to contact your Windows administrator. 1. Right click on the Windows logo and then click on Device manger. 2. In the Device Manager, click on Sound Video and Game Controllers to expand this menu. Then double-click on the first line, HD Audio Driver for Display Audio. 3. Then click on Power Management 4. You will see the following screen: 5. Uncheck both options and then click OK. 6. Then go to the second line HD Audio Driver for Display Audio. and repeat steps 3 , 4 and 5. 7. Lastly, restart the PC.
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