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Prowise Presenter

Design interactive lessons and presentations with the FREE Prowise Presenter

Use the educational content available in the media library to enrich your lessons. Or import your already existing lessons from a variety of file types.

In Presenter, you always have your teaching tools, backgrounds, images, videos, and 3D models within reach. Make your lessons interactive with a ProQuiz or let students compete with the ProConnect tools.

Your materials on every device

Log in on your touchscreen, PC or tablet. Teachers and students always have access to their Presenter files, since everything is stored in the cloud. Create a lesson on your laptop at home and open it on the touchscreen in the classroom.

Digital Toolbox

Hundreds of educational tools for all ages and subject areas offer a huge range of teaching and practice material.

Independent Learning

Some tools have a practice mode. In these tools, students can get started individually with, for example, the topography tool to practice their topography.


Real-time collaboration

Collaborate in lessons or presentations in real time from any location.

For all expert levels

Prowise Presenter is packed with useful functionalities for digital learning. You can start with the basics: writing, typing, and inserting images and videos. Then you will quickly grow to make lessons interactive with a quiz or virtual maths race. 

Interactive learning

Connect tablets, smartphones, and other devices with the touchscreen to easily collect input from the class.

Quiz for students at any level

Create a knowledge test at every level and let your students take it collectively or individually.

Whiteboard features

Your favorite and essential features such as writing, erasing, and drawing lines and shapes.


  • Prepare your lesson on your PC, laptop or tablet

  • Use the ready-made teaching material on MyProwise and easily adjust it to your own wishes

  • Add tools, sounds, images, videos, illustrations or backgrounds

  • Create self-correcting exercises with building blocks

  • Save your lesson in the cloud and share it with your colleagues

  • No need to redo all of your existing lessons. Import the following file types into Presenter: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office, IWB, TXT, RTF, Smart Notebook and Presenter


  • Open your lesson wherever you are

  • Offline working capabilities

  • Take notes with the writing tools and mark the highlights of your lesson

  • Let the tools and other freely available content support your classes

  • Use the 3D models to view objects from every angle 

  • Draw lines, create shapes, and add text boxes with the extensive toolbar


  • Connect devices with the touchscreen

  • Get students started with the tools in the individual practice mode

  • Set up a competition with the ProConnect tools

  • Engage everybody in the lesson by creating a mind map together  

  • Let students join in on the educational ProQuiz that you designed yourself

3D Models

Easily make complex content comprehensible.

3D models show objects and subjects from every angle.


Discover the added value for your school

Gain access to the latest education possibilities for free


Save thousands of dollars every year


Presenter runs on every tablet, computer, laptop or touchscreen and works offline


Our free automatic updates guarantee that the software is upgraded


Easy to manage: no maintenance, installations, licenses or hidden costs


Presenter is future oriented, entirely safe, reliable, stable, and specially designed for education

Over the past eleven years, the education team at Prowise has designed thousands of lessons and lots of curriculum content.

On the free MyProwise website, fully linked to Presenter, you can find the lesson you are looking for in a matter of seconds thanks to the filter feature.


Open the lesson, adjust it to your wishes, and share it with your colleagues.

Discover what Presenter has to offer. Read the tips, watch the videos, print the user manuals and get started!


Safety first

It is of paramount importance to us that your personal data is handled and processed safely and responsibly while using Prowise Presenter. From a safe log in to saving your files on our servers: Prowise Presenter is completely safe! 

Just like all our hardware, software, and firmware, Presenter is developed under Prowise management. To show that we are on top of things, we regularly allow external independents audits. This is unique in the branch.

Recently, Prowise once again obtained the Privacy Verified certification and was rewarded with the ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.

Presenter question?

We are happy to help you!

In the Prowise Service Portal the most frequently asked questions have been collected for you.

Classroom Furnitures

Lisa, Teacher

“The 'Lesson of the week' on Prowise software is really useful and we use this a lot for topical lessons and current affairs.” 

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