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Prowise MOVE

Learning through motion 

Some children learn much better when they are actively and physically engaged. Learning through motion aligns with the way children experience the world around them. On top of that, it is healthy and improves learning outcomes. Prowise MOVE makes learning through motion available for your school.

The MOVE camera is optional with the Prowise Touchscreen and can also be used as a normal webcam for video calling through Skype, Zoom, Teams, and Meet.

Prowise Touchscreen & Prowise MOVE camera

The world's only fully integrated solution for
learning through motion and video calling (remote learning).


Learning through motion

Learning through motion is more than just physical activity in the classroom. Learning through motion combines physical activity and cognitive learning tasks.


We all know the importance of physical activity, and it also has a positive influence on learning outcomes. This is partly due to the alterations in the brain structure that take place during physical activity.

  • Improves learning outcomes

  • A perfect energizer in the classroom

  • Your lessons have never been this healthy

Video calling (remote learning)

  • Use Skype, Zoom, Teams or Meet

  • The 2.1 Dolby Audio soundbar

  • Six wide-area microphones

Use the camera as a webcam

The Prowise MOVE camera can also be used as regular webcam in combination with Skype, Teams, Zoom or Meet.

The four wide-area microphones integrated in the Prowise Touchscreen recognize voices up to 26 feet from the screen and provide unique possibilities for remote learning thanks to the 2.1 Dolby Certified soundbar.

This makes the Prowise Touchscreen the complete conference solution for schools, businesses, and meeting rooms.

Create lessons that are fun, educational, and healthy

Without touching the screen

The Prowise MOVE camera allows you to play educational games on the Prowise Touchscreen without physically touching it.

The combination of the camera with Intel® RealSense™ and the technology in the screen register motion and connect this to the movements on the screen.

Prowise has developed its own range of educational games for MOVE. The games trigger students to get in motion while they are completing cognitive learning activities.

There are games for a range of ages and subject areas.


Safe camera

With the handy webcam cover on the MOVE camera you can keep out unwanted intruders. This way nobody can look in without your knowledge!

A perfect example of how we put your privacy first. Recently, we once again obtained the Privacy Verified certification and were rewarded with the ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.

Available for your school

Prowise MOVE makes learning through motion available for your school. 

Once your dated (interactive) whiteboards are written off and need to be replaced, investing in a Prowise Touchscreen offers schools an energy-efficient and user-friendly interactive whiteboard and enables learning through motion.

Let the details convince you

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