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Prowise Screen Control

Manage all your touchscreens from one location

With Prowise Screen Control you can manage all your touchscreens from one central point. With the touch of a button you can install apps, push updates or change background images of all your screens in your school or trust.

This administration solution is now in beta and is developed completely under Prowise management and works optimally on all Prowise touchscreens.

All functionalities of Prowise Screen Control can be used completely free of charge by our customers for five years.

Administration from one location

Do you, as an administrator, have to go from classroom to classroom or from meeting room to meeting room to install all the latest updates or download new apps? With Screen Control this belongs to the past.

With the touch of a button you can manage dozens or even hundreds of touchscreens at the same time. You save time, effort, and energy.


Group screens per location, school or group


Change settings per screen or group


Install apps and push updates


Implement standard security settings


Set your own wallpaper per screen or group




Coming soon:


Provide remote assistance


Send (security) messages


Turning screens on and off remotely 


Gain insight into lifecycle management

Privacy by design

Screen Control has been specially developed for our touchscreens.

The administrator module is fully developed, designed, and produced under Prowise management.

This way, we comply with the much stricter European legislation in terms of privacy and security.

Prowise is ISO 27001 certified, Privacy Verified, and works with servers/databases that are fully managed by Prowise.

State-of-the-art security

It goes without saying that this solution is entirely safe.

Since we use high-quality hardware and software, Screen Control is optimally protected against external attacks.

Our own data centers are also fully protected and the servers are 100% under Prowise management. Access to databases is restricted to a select group of colleagues within Prowise.

Our servers have a multiple-layer security system and incoming data is filtered by hardware and software firewalls and multiple-layered adaptive DDoS protection.

Strong coding ensures that all personal data is thoroughly secured. Servers containing confidential data are not connected to the internet.

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