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Why not all MDM software is the same

Mobile device management (MDM) allows you to centrally manage all of your interactive whiteboards. Very convenient, time-saving and even environmentally friendly. Yet, in terms of ease of use and security, there is a lot of difference between MDM solutions on the market. Here are some important things to look out for.

When you choose an interactive whiteboard, you're often 'forced' to also use that provider's MDM solution. These MDM packages are very different from one another. Make sure to inform yourself well when acquiring an interactive whiteboard and include the importance of this software in your decision.

Who made the MDM solution? Look up who made the MDM software for your interactive whiteboards. Did your interactive whiteboard provider make the software? Or do you use a software package developed by an external third party outside of Europe? This may influence how new features are released, how service requests are handled and the continuity of your solution.

Is this software developed for touchscreens? Make sure you know the intended use of your MDM software. Is it originally a solution used for managing laptops? Or is your software designed entirely to control and manage touchscreens in a centralized way? It really makes a difference with regards to functionality and ease of use.

What is the role of privacy and cybersecurity? You should be convinced that your MDM solution is completely safe. You could ask the provider for independent certificates with regards to the development and provision of the software. Consider certificates from BSI (IT-Grundschutz) and ISO 27001. These are independent testing institutions that conduct inspections in the field of cybersecurity.

At what level are settings adjustable? No two MDM solutions are the same. Ensure the software fits the functionalities you expect. Carefully check to what level settings are adjustable. Can you only adjust superficial settings? Or can you remotely alter settings that are embedded deep in the software?

What happens to your data? Ask your provider what happens with your personal, possibly sensitive information. Will this information be marketed commercially? And where is your information stored? Is it stored via secured channels and own servers in the European Union? Stay in charge of your own information.

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