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The OS wiki: what do you look for in the operating system of an interactive whiteboard?

With Prowise Central 4.0, we will soon launch the latest version of the operating system of our interactive whiteboards. But what makes a good operating system (OS)? And what do you have to look for when choosing an OS and an interactive whiteboard? It's time for the OS wiki!

Do not let flashy headers or bold visuals distract you. Ask follow-up questions, delve into the details, read the fine print. Make sure you are informed, because the choice of an operating system and an interactive whiteboard is an important one. In this 'OS wiki', you discover the tips and tricks to make the best choice.

What is an operating system? Most touchscreens are fitted with an integrated operating system based on Android, an open-source platform by Google. This is no different at Prowise. Prowise Central, the operating system of our touchscreens, is based on Android, fully developed under Prowise management, and equipped with useful functionalities such as whiteboard and annotation software, an app store, a browser, and screen casting protocols. You can compare the OS of your interactive whiteboard with iOS on your iPhone. You interact with it as soon as you start up the interactive whiteboard and go from there.

Development The first question is, of course, how was this operating system created. Has the OS been developed by the supplier in Europe? Or is the interactive whiteboard equipped with a ready-made Chinese package, including the potential risks around privacy and data breaches. Ask specifically where the cloud components are hosted. And consider: how easy is it to add additional functions if your supplier suddenly switches their respective software suppliers? And we haven't even spoken about service yet...

Why Prowise? An interactive whiteboard with an operating system that is developed fully by Prowise and fully complies with the strict European and international regulations with regard to product development and privacy.

Privacy Many suppliers claim that security and privacy are key elements in their products. Claiming this is step one, but you also have to be able to demonstrate this with independent proof. Thoroughly investigate how the company that you buy your interactive whiteboard from handles the international privacy legislation and regulation. Do they allow external software audits and ethical hackers? If you work together on software developments with external parties (even outside of the European Union), can you even be 100% privacy verified? In short, how can you obtain transparency on the location of your data?

Why Prowise? A provider that can provide independent certifications and test results on operating procedures, whiteboards and software. Think for example of ISO 27001, ISO 27017, Privacy Verified, the German AV-Test Institute and the (pending) BSI IT-Grundschutz certification. Prowise is also affiliated to the Cyber Resilience Centre Brainport.

MDM More and more interactive whiteboards can be operated and controlled via an MDM solution. Make sure to ask specifically how this is arranged. Does the supplier use a third party outside of the European Union? Or is this administration solution arranged under own management, via local servers? Is it a general service, also used by devices? Or is it specially developed for interactive whiteboards?

Why Prowise? An MDM solution that is developed in-house, meets the highest privacy and security standards, is offered via its own servers and is specifically designed for touchscreens.

Software updates Suppliers fairly regularly send out software updates to the interactive whiteboards (or claim to do so), as you may recognize from your mobile phone. This is often over the internet, so called OTA updates. Always request a substantive overview of the most recent OTA updates. In addition, are these updates conducted via secured channels and own servers in the European Union? Check whether no portals (for instance portal 80) are opened. This increases the risk of data breaches.

Why Prowise? An operating system that receives guaranteed, free, self-developed software updates (features, performance and security) for five years, via European servers and without the intervention of an administrator.

App Store Many interactive whiteboards have the possibility of downloading apps. Always check the safety of the app store. A large public app store may seem beneficial (for instance Aptoide), but contains more risks than you might think. What does the supplier do to keep out malware and spyware? Does the store contain apps that are inappropriate for children? Or annoying ads? Always ask potential suppliers about how they can safely offer apps and what measures they take to prevent inappropriate use?

Why Prowise? An app store, developed under Prowise management, where all apps are tested for security, ads, in-app purchases, malware, 18+ content, and functionality on an interactive whiteboard.

Browser Usually you are unable to choose your browser in the operating system, because it is integrated in the touchscreen and pre-installed. Since you use a browser on a daily basis, it is sensible to know everything about it before purchasing a new interactive whiteboard. Think of: loading speed, ad blocker, camera support, resolution, virus protection, automatic updates, privacy, and user experience.

Why Prowise? No ready-made third-party browser, but instead a browser developed under Prowise management, focused on security and functionality on an interactive whiteboard, without hidden cookies that collect metadata.

Sustainability Sustainability - in the broadest sense of the word - plays an important role when choosing an interactive whiteboard and operating system. Carefully check the energy consumption and enquire about the possibilities to reduce it. Moreover, does the OS think of the strain to the eyes of the user that it may cause?

Why Prowise? An operating system with an eco mode (energy-saving mode) and a TÜV-certified Blue Light Filter (Prowise Touchscreen Ten) to reduce the amount of blue light that the screen emits, reducing the strain on your eyes.

More reasons to choose the operating system Prowise Central on our interactive whiteboards:

  • Pen-on-paper writing experience

  • Screensharing from any device (AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast)

  • Screensharing with touch-back functionality (Reflect)

  • Control the lift system from the software on the interactive whiteboard

  • Work with the same OS on any Prowise interactive whiteboard

  • Create your own apps via the browser

  • Pre-installed education software Prowise Presenter

  • Use the interactive whiteboard as a WiFi hotspot

  • Connect with Bluetooth devices

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