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The digital extension for the busy IT specialist

Do you, as an IT specialist, want to have more time for educational support, reduce the time you move through the building, and control all touchscreens in your school or institution at the same time? Get started with Prowise Screen Control, the digital extension for the busy IT specialist.

The growing role of technology in education also raises new issues. The more digital learning resources are present in the school (from touchscreens to devices), the higher the pressure on the shoulders of the IT specialist. He or she can spend all day managing software updates, security settings, and energy costs. Offering technical support in various classrooms and school locations is a logistically big task and takes up a lot of time.

Administration from a central location With Screen Control, that same IT specialist can manage all Prowise touchscreens from one central location. With the web portal, all active touchscreens within a school or organization become visible on one computer or laptop. With the touch of a button, you can adjust settings, install apps, or change background images. Since the administrator can create groups, touchscreens can be managed separately, per school location, or even for the entire organization.

With a central control system, the IT specialist facilitates the same user experience on every touchscreen in the school. Regardless of which classroom a teacher is teaching in, the interface, settings, and applications are always the same.

Time and energy to spare Screen Control ensures that the IT specialist has less physical travel to do, which allows him to spend more time on educational support. From a health perspective, at this time, it is also beneficial to reduce the movement of the IT expert through the school and visit multiple classrooms. An app such as Microsoft Teams can be installed on all screens in the school at once, which means that it is no longer necessary for the IT expert to physically visit all classrooms.

Data security is key "Developing this administration platform fully aligns with our philosophy of making life as easy as possible for our users. Screen Control is developed fully under Prowise management. Together with our customers, we make sure that the administration solution aligns with their wishes and works perfectly on our own screens. The great thing is that we continuously make improvements to Screen Control by working together with the education sector. Since we develop everything under Prowise management and use local Prowise servers, we can also guarantee the highest standards with regard to privacy & security. Recently, the independent AV-Test Institute certified our touchscreen as Tested IoT product and it looks like we will be ‘BSI IT-Grundschutz’ certified soon", says Prowise director Erik Neeskens.

Users with a Prowise Touchscreen can use Prowise Screen Control for free for five years.

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