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Ten things you need to know about the Prowise Touchscreen Ten!

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is our best touchscreen yet. Fully developed under Prowise management, safe, and packed with educational features. We listed the 10 things you need to know. #1 Our best writing experience yet The full pen-on-paper experience. Thanks to display bonding, nano-textured glass, ProWrite touch technology, and our ProNote software, we guarantee the best writing experience yet on a Prowise screen. Find out how it works.

#2 Learning through motion Just imagine playing educational games on the touchscreen without actually touching it! Learning through motion is healthy and improves the learning results. Everything about MOVE.

#3 Remote learning The (6) microphones and audio speakers (2.1 Dolby Audio) are integrated in the touchscreen. Teams, Meet, Skype, and Zoom are already installed on the screen and can be used together with the MOVE camera, without a PC module.

#4 Packed with educational features A whiteboard and annotation package, countless educational apps, and our education software Prowise Presenter. This touchscreen breathes education, partly due to its operating system Prowise Central. All features on the screen can be used for free and are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of teachers and students every day. A learning curve is not applicable, since you always work with the same interface on every Prowise touchscreen. All educational benefits.

#5 USB-C With the USB-C ports, one of which is conveniently located at the front of the screen, you only need one cable for touch, power, audio, and video from your device. USB-C can even replace your entire docking system. All benefits in a row.

#6 Screen Control Manage all your touchscreens five years for free via our safe online portal.

With Prowise Screen Control you can manage all your touchscreens from one central point. With the touch of a button you can install apps, push updates, or change background images of all your screens in your school or institution.

Prowise Screen Control has been specially developed for our touchscreens. Everything about Screen Control.

#7 Your privacy is key This touchscreen is developed entirely by our own colleagues and tested by a team of professional hackers. Therefore, you benefit from our high privacy and security standards every day. For instance, Prowise is ISO 27001 certified, Privacy Verified and will soon obtain the German BSI certification. These high-level independent certifications confirm the safety of the Prowise Touchscreen Ten. Privacy by Prowise.

#8 Your own tree At Prowise, the future of the children is paramount. For each Prowise Touchscreen Ten in your school, we plant one tree. More on CSR.

#9 Ready for top performance The first touchscreen in the education market that runs on Android 9 and a new, powerful CPU. This means the screen is 250% more powerful and quicker than its predecessor.

#10 Familiar prices A high-end touchscreen at the familiar Prowise price. No hidden costs. In fact, our free software updates keep your touchscreens up to date for at least five years and you receive five years full warranty.

'A resounding ten' We rate the new touchscreen with a 'resounding ten'. International experts agree. The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is already in the race for two prestigious international prizes: a Bett Award and the iF Design Award. In addition, the security of the touchscreen was confirmed by an independent security test.

We want to introduce the touchscreen to you. We are more than happy to give a demo at your school, where we will take the touchscreen with us. An online demo is also possible.

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