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Prowise Presenter: Redesigned. Recharged. Reinvented.

From now on you can get started with the biggest Prowise Presenter update so far! In this item we would like to inform you about all the new developments.

Redesigned. Recharged. Reinvented.

The familiar Presenter feeling, but a complete new experience. Thanks to feedback from passionate teachers, the Prowise Presenter has been redesigned and restyled. A new and user-friendly interface, with all the buttons in the right place. Now you can make use of common functions and classroom favourites like ProQuiz, ProConnect and 3D-models even faster.

Other highlights in this update:

  • Enriched text editor

  • Screenshot mode

  • Classroom Planner tool

  • Import button for sounds and images

  • ‘My images’ and ‘My sounds’ are visible in the media library

  • Export Presenter files to PDF, JPG, BMP and PNG.

In the release notes you can read all about this extended release.

How can I get started?

On your touchscreen or laptop: go to (we advise to use the Chrome browser). On your tablet or iPad: download the Presenter 10 app from the iOS or Android Stores.

There is also a Presenter app available for your Prowise Touchscreen in the Prowise Central environment (available from Prowise Central 3.0). You can read more about it here. Wherever and whenever you open Presenter 10, you can simply log in with your Presenter 9 account.

What about my old lessons?

Of course Prowise has made sure that all the lessons you have made in Presenter 9 are ready for you again in Presenter 10. Since we are switching to a new version of Presenter, you may have to put an image back in the right place. Fortunately, this is often not a problem and your lesson is quickly ready-to-go again.

On the free educational website Prowise has collected tips, tricks, manuals and instruction videos for you.

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