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Prowise once again Privacy Verified!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

After a strict, independent audit, Prowise has been awarded the Privacy Verified Certificate once again for 2022. This proves that we are on top with regard to data security and protection of personal data. It was never a question of whether we were doing it right, but it is nice to have the confirmation that you are still on the right track.

The Privacy Verified Certificate is awarded by ICTRecht. This is an important legal consultancy in the field of IT, internet, and privacy laws and regulations. You can imagine that these certificates are not easy to come by. First, a company goes through a thorough testing process. This includes an annual check of the privacy statement, internal procedures such as collecting agreements, and checking the IT systems.

6 concrete examples We are very proud to have been awarded the certificates once again. This way we put the Privacy Verified Certificate into practice every day!

  • We never use personal data (without permission) for purposes other than it is intended for.

  • We set concrete storage terms and personal data is not stored for longer than is strictly necessary.

  • We have employed an internal data protection officer (DPO).

  • We work according to the standards of privacy by design, and in the development of our software we always ensure that the settings are privacy proof.

  • We take measures to secure personal data, we follow a data protection policy, and internal authorizations have been granted.

  • We only allow third parties to process personal data on behalf of Prowise under a processing agreement.

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