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Prowise for a better world and a safe future

Together with Plant-for-the-Planet, Prowise contributes towards a better world so that the future of the next generation is safe. To achieve this, they plant trees to offset CO2 and invest in academies for children. In this way, together, we will ensure that children and the next generations can enjoy our beautiful earth for years to come.

Children deserve a carefree future. As an educational organization, Prowise contributes towards giving children the education they deserve. A big question is whether the next generation(s) will be able to live in our world as "carefree" as we do right now. Action needs to be taken against climate change and that is why Prowise starts off by compensating CO2 emissions by planting trees and contributing to training children to become Climate Justice ambassadors.

Impact By planting trees, Prowise helps offset CO2 emissions. One tree absorbs about 20 kilograms/44 pounds of CO2 in one year. This equates to half a year of active use of the touchscreen. And the tree will last for years to come!

Collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet The planting of trees is done in cooperation with a partner, Plant-for-the-Planet, as is the organization of the academies. Plant for the Planet is a global movement with an ambitious goal: fighting the climate crisis by planting trees all over the world. They want to secure the future of children all over the world. Besides planting trees, academies are an important part of the movement. This is where children make other children enthusiastic about climate issues.

Only the beginning This action is just a start. In addition to this initiative, Prowise is busy starting up and exploring different ways in which they can make their social contribution. These include using more recycled materials, further reducing waste production, improving the production process and looking at ways in which we can make our products even more sustainable in use.

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