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Presenter update: Windows app with annotate!

Your interactive whiteboard favorite is back: the Prowise Presenter Windows Desktop app, including annotate. With this feature, you can easily write or take notes from Presenter over other programs, websites and teaching software.

Highlights of this release:

  • Windows desktop app

  • Annotate (Windows desktop app)

  • Screen recording (Windows desktop app)

  • Adjusting line and fill color and line thickness of written text, shapes, or lines after they have already been written or drawn (all platforms)

For a more detailed account of this release (for instance fixes), please refer to the release notes.

Annotate Glass panel. Overlay. Annotate. Separate pen feature. The button in the bottom-right corner where you 'close' Prowise Presenter and write over other programmes or teaching software. We heard all the superlatives for this feature, also from our colleagues. In the brand-new Windows app for Presenter, you can access these interactive whiteboard features more easily than ever before.

  • Start up the Annotate feature in Prowise Presenter and open a website, program, or teaching software.

  • Start taking notes directly (writing, marking, and erasing).

  • Add a screenshot, of which size and shape are entirely up to you, including notes, to your Presenter file for further discussion or share and save the material.

Screen recording An absolute first: recording your lessons in Prowise Presenter. With this feature, you can make screen recordings of what you are doing in the education software and even of your entire desktop. Take notes, use the text editor, make shapes and lines, or retrieve unique content from our Media library, for instance the education tools or 3D models. This way, you can record what you teach in a video. Naturally, you can save the recording and share it with your pupils or colleagues afterwards.

Annotate and Screen recording are exclusively available in the Presenter Desktop app for Windows. Of course, the app also contains all other popular features such as ProConnect (including Screen sharing), and ProQuiz.

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