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Personalized welcome screen in Prowise Presenter

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

From now on you get started in Prowise Presenter via your personalized welcome screen. On this start screen you will find your recently opened and favorite files. Our own developers have also worked hard on the spotlight mini tool to highlight parts of your lesson.

Welcome screen A warm welcome! This is perhaps the best way to summarize the new welcome screen of Prowise Presenter. After the secure login, an overview appears with your recently opened and favorite files. Your favorite files are lessons that you have favorited in the File Explorer via the star icon. This way, your lesson will start even faster.

Spotlight Do you want to surprise your students while keeping their attention? With the brand new spotlight mini tool you can highlight parts of your lesson. You will find the spotlight between the other mini tools in the Prowise Presenter toolbar. The spotlight is adjustable in size and shape so you can decide how much of your class you want to spotlight.

What else is new Thanks to your feedback we can make Prowise Presenter even better. A number of improvements have also been made with this release. For example, the proper functioning of the Apple Pen in the Presenter iOS app and the addition of correct shapes in the Prowise Central app. For more information please refer to the release notes.

How do I install the update?

Browser version: The browser version is automatically updated.

Prowise Central app: Update the app in the Prowise App Store. Android app: Update the app in the Play Store. iOS app: Update the app in the App Store. Windows app: The Windows app is automatically updated.

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