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Now even safer 'screencasting' via Prowise Reflect

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Sharing the screen of a device on the large classroom interactive whiteboard offers many advantages educationally. With Prowise touchscreens, we have ensured that screencasting is fully integrated into the screen. In the new version of Prowise Reflect, cyber security has taken on an even bigger role.

Please note: due to security concerns, we recommend that you install this new update from Prowise Reflect immediately. This update was tipped to us by an external security researcher.

Reflect, AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast work completely wirelessly on Prowise touchscreens. So you never have to deal with extra cables and keep the connection ports on your Prowise interactive whiteboard free for other connections. The digital connections are code-protected, so that students can never connect without the teacher's permission. The four screencast protocols (similar to AirServer) can be used on our Prowise touchscreens completely free of charge and are kept up-to-date for five years. You do not need to purchase additional licenses and can start immediately.

Prowise Reflect Prowise Reflect is a Prowise app with which you can share the screen of external devices on the screen of a Prowise touchscreen. Because we developed the app ourselves, we can guarantee you our high privacy and security standards. It is possible to connect ten external devices to the Prowise touchscreen at the same time and even operate them from the large screen using the touchback function. To use it, you only need to download and install the Reflect app once on the device.

Up-to-date Since Prowise Reflect is used in many classrooms, we feel it is important to provide you with free software updates regarding security, performance, and features. We always ask for external input, for example through the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure on our website. Thanks to a report from an external security researcher, we have recently been able to make some adjustments that make configuration even more secure by default.

Are you downloading Prowise Reflect for the first time? Then you will automatically get the version with the enhanced security measures. Are you already using Prowise Reflect? Then make absolutely sure that you install this new version. This keeps your classroom safe and protected from outside attacks.

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