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New: structure your touchscreen files with the File Manager in Prowise Central

Do you want to organize images, documents and videos in a structured way on your Prowise touchscreen? From now on you can use our File Manager to manage files and folders within Prowise Central.

Who does not like a tidy and neatly arranged wardrobe? This of course also applies to your Prowise touchscreen. With the File Manager app in Prowise Central you can organize the files on your digiboard as you see fit. The File Manager allows you to open JPGs, PDFs, Office documents or videos, for example, from a folder structure created by yourself.

The File Manager can be used for free on the Prowise Touchscreens. The File Manager app is now available for download from the Prowise App Store in Prowise Central, no operating system update is required.

Functionalities File Manager:

  • General file and folder operations

  • Folders and files are displayed in a hierarchical folder structure based on a tree structure

  • Commonly used file extensions (e.g. video) can be opened with applications from the Prowise App Store

  • Integrated image viewer

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