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New in MyProwise: find your favourite lesson even quicker

For enthusiasts, MyProwise is also known as the 'Netflix for lessons'. What's the big difference? All content on MyProwise is freely accessible. With our new update, you can now find the educational content you seek even quicker and easier.

MyProwise is our online platform where you, as a teacher, start your day. You can consult it for ready-made lessons, curriculum content, inspiration, IT tips, and elaborate instructional videos. MyProwise contains teaching material for all ages, working methods, and subject areas. Directly usable and entirely free.

Filter system MyProwise was developed with the aim to be the daily starting point for teachers. Search for a specific lesson, open it directly in Prowise Presenter, and get the day started. Over the past eleven years, the education team at Prowise has composed thousands of lessons and curriculum content. With the new filter system you can easily find the lesson you seek. The filter feature now unfolds on the left-hand side and consists of three selection possibilities:

  • Age (3-18 years old)

  • Subject

  • Teaching method

Easily usable Once you have found the perfect lesson you can open it directly in Prowise Presenter. Creating a Presenter account is entirely free for everyone, meaning you can use all lessons in MyProwise for free. Presenter runs on every tablet, computer, laptop, or touchscreen. Our software is safe, reliable, stable, and specially developed for education, by education professionals.

Unique You can use the lesson directly for teaching in front of the class, but you can also divide students into groups and let them get started or focus your attention on individual students. The ready-made lessons are aligned with core objectives, but you are of course free to adjust them to the specific needs of your class. Offering free education material at this scale has never been seen before in the world of education.

Flexibility for the teacher MyProwise offers the teacher much flexibility. Thanks to the wide range of free educational content, there will always be a lesson available that is relevant, relates to a question from the class or an important school event. The students have access to the lesson in Prowise Presenter within seconds.

Effective learning MyProwise also contains tips, tricks, and other information to optimally use all IT features in education. This is how we make learning more fun. We want to inspire you to get started with whiteboards, laptops, adaptive software, or an online learning environment. Moreover, as a teacher you can review the latest news in the education sector, various news letters, and discover the latest Prowise updates.

Privacy and security MyProwise is entirely safe. The website (and corresponding Presenter software) is developed entirely under Prowise management and runs on Prowise servers. To show that we are on top of things, we regularly allow external independents audits. These audits consist of external privacy audits and software tests by ethical hackers. We take pride in the fact that after every single audit, the assessment is consistently positive. Prowise proves to be ahead of the game in terms of privacy and security.

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