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Latest Prowise MOVE Update

Prowise MOVE is always in motion. With our new update, the thirteenth game is waiting for you: Match the animal category. You can also save the high score and introduce a competitive element to your students.

Make learning through motion competitive How cool would it be for your students to compete for a spot on the weekly, monthly, or all-time high-score list? This way, you introduce a competitive element to your lessons and challenge your students to become healthier.

You can now choose to (or choose not to) save your score after playing the following three tools:

  • Test your Knowledge - Geography

  • Completing sequence

  • Match the animal category (new tool)

New game: Match the animal category With this new game, your students go on an expedition to the animal kingdom. A 'digital zoo' with seven categories awaits them: mammals, birds, spiders, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and insects. Your students are challenged to match the image of an animal with the right category. For instance, an elephant is a mammal and an owl is a bird.

With the tool 'Match the animal category', your students practice biology and are also physically engaged.

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