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How do I recognize a good touchscreen browser?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Nowadays many touchscreen operating systems have their own web browsers. That’s useful, because we use it throughout the day. Playing videos, presenting information or looking up the latest news. How do I recognize a good touchscreen browser?

Usually, you can’t choose your browser in the operating system, because it is integrated in the touchscreen and pre-installed. Since you use the browser daily, you might want to become familiar with it before you purchase a new touchscreen. The pointers in this blog refer to the browser(s) in the operating system of the touchscreen, not the browser(s) you use via your PC module.

8 reasons why the Prowise Browser is unique

Loading speed This may be the most significant feature. How long does it take for a website to load? Most websites should only take a couple of seconds to load, depending on the strength of the internet connection.

Reason 1: The Prowise Browser loads websites rapidly.

Ad-free Loading ads does not help the loading speed. It often takes up some time to cache the ads. During this time you are unable to use the browser. Make sure that the touchscreen browser is fitted with an ad blocker. This way you are not bothered by ads and you can quickly surf the internet.

Reason 2: The Prowise Browser is fitted with a unique ad blocker.

Camera support Does your touchscreen have a webcam? Please check whether this webcam also works in the web browser of the operating system. This saves you a lot of frustration for when you want to use the camera.

Reason 3: The Prowise Browser supports webcams for video calling.

Resolution The resolution is an important aspect in how much browser content you can show on your touchscreen. Opt for a high resolution so you can use the size of the screen optimally.

Reason 4: The Prowise Browser has a high resolution to show a lot of content in high quality.

Virus protection Choose a browser with integrated anti-virus software. This protects the touchscreen from viruses and malware. Preferably choose a touchscreen with a virus protection system that not only protects the browser, but also all of the apps and other software on the touchscreen.

Reason 5: Prowise Central (as well as the browser) is fitted with ProDefend, a virus protection system developed under Prowise management.

Automatic updates

Innovations and updates develop in rapid succession. Make sure to check how the browser on the touchscreen is updated regularly. Is it updated at all? Or are you stuck with the outdated version? And are the updates done automatically via the app store on the screen? Updating your screen keeps your browser fast and safe.

Reason 6: The Prowise Browser is updated frequently and free of charge via the Prowise App Store in Prowise Central.


Verify whether privacy and security are accounted for during the development of the browser. Is the browser developed under own management and with security and functionality as top priority? Or is it a ‘ready-made’ external browser developed by a third party?

Reason 7: The Prowise Browser is fully developed under Prowise management, with privacy and security as the number one priority.

Creating apps in the browser

Do you visit specific websites very regularly? Choose a browser that allows you to create apps from every website. Verify whether you can also add this app to the home screen when starting up the touchscreen, so you can get started immediately.

Reason 8: With the Prowise Browser you can transform every website into an app and add it to your home screen.

User experience

All these pointers combined shape your user experience. Therefore, our advice is to try out all the features of the operating system before choosing a touchscreen. The browser is an important aspect in your decision. Open websites you frequently use, play videos and see how it feels.

Our education advisors are happy to pay you a visit and show why our own Prowise Browser on the Prowise Touchscreen is the only software that ticks all the boxes mentioned above. You can also make an online appointment (via the browser).

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