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App store on your touchscreen: friend or enemy?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

An app store with thousands of applications on your touchscreen feels like an advantage, but it contains more risks than you might think. In an insecure app store, violent games, 18+ content and even data abuse are just one click away from your students.

Imagine. You’ve put your students to work independently. The assignment is open on the touchscreen. For just five minutes you leave the classroom to get a cup of coffee. When you return to the classroom there is a group of students around the screen. They scream loud, but become shy as soon as they see that you are back. On the screen an ’18+ Adult Game’ is open. A handy student has downloaded it very quickly from the touchscreens app store.

18+ content Unrealistic? Maybe. But certainly not impossible. Many touchscreens contain a public app store (e.g. Aptoide) in which thousands of applications can be downloaded. Some are educational, safe, and add something to your lessons. But there are also applications that don’t belong in a classroom. Think of violent games, 18+ content and applications of which you can’t see which company created them.

Don’t know what you’re installing Anyone who has access to the touchscreen can very easily download, install and open these ‘bad’ applications. In this way, students can come into contact with explicit material without your knowledge. Not to mention the security of some applications. Often you don’t know exactly what you are installing, where the app gets access to and what happens to collected data. It certainly would not be the first time a touchscreen is infected with a virus this way.

The Prowise way Prowise believes that a touchscreen (including app store) should be carefree to use by teachers and students. Without the school and perhaps parents having to worry about which apps students may come into contact with. That’s why the Prowise App store was developed entirely in-house. It may not offer thousands of options, but before an app becomes available to you, Prowise their own testing team has carefully reviewed it. This makes them suitable for the classroom (and children) and allows you to get that cup of coffee without any worries.

Our standards at a glance

Not allowed


18+ apps (violence, eroticism, gambling)

​Checked by education and safety specialists

Disturbing advertising

Completely free of charge (excluding for example an Office subscription)

​Malware (software that is being used to disrupt computer systems, collect sensitive information)

​Optimized for our touchscreens

​In-app purchases

Apps developed entirely in-house

Dubious producers

100% suitable for the classroom

Data from applications For Prowise and EdTeach USA, data is not a revenue model. Your data is not commercially marketed and we do not use personal data (without permission) for purposes other than those for which it was collected. This way, you will always be happy with your app(s)!

Prowise App store? The Prowise App store is an app store in the Prowise Central operating system that allows you to easily install applications on the touchscreen. For example, you can start working with indispensable programs such as Microsoft OneNote, Word and Excel. The Microsoft Skype app gives you a unique opportunity to apply distance learning. The apps are downloaded directly on the touchscreen and not in your Windows environment via the PC module. Just one click to access your apps.

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