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5 benefits of USB-C on your touchscreen

A USB-C port is small in size, but offers many possibilities in the classroom. We collected five favorite benefits in this blog for you. Especially handy if teachers use their own devices a lot in combination with the big screen.

1. Just one cable for touch, power, audio, and video For instance, as the teacher, you want to cast the screen of your device on the big screen in the classroom. Naturally, you want to be able to use the touch functionalities on the big screen and be able to play audio and video. Normally, you would need multiple cables for this. With USB-C, this is no longer necessary. Now, you only use one cable for touch, power, audio, and video.

2. Replaces docking stations Many schools choose so-called docking stations for in their classrooms: separate boxes that all the appliances (for instance the touchscreen) are connected to. Laptops are also connected to this box. Thanks to the USB-C port on the touchscreen, a docking station becomes obsolete in most cases. This saves schools a lot of extra investment in purchasing and necessary maintenance.

3. Charging while teaching USB-C can also transfer electricity. This means that you can charge your laptop or phone while you are teaching. The USB-C port on the Prowise Touchscreen Ten can transfer up to 60w. Charge while you teach!

4. Chromebooks, MacBooks, and many Windows laptops Chromebooks are often deployed in education. The great thing is that Chromebooks have a USB-C port on default. This also applies to the Apple MacBooks. Good chance that you can get started immediately. The USB-C port is also becoming the standard for Windows education devices. You can check this with your IT specialist.

5. Usability and care-free enjoyment Connecting a USB-C cable is actually a piece of cake. In any case, you only have to use one cable, which is a lot easier than using two or three. You also do not have to take into account standards such as HDMI or DisplayPort. USB-C works immediately and the cable never has to be turned the other way around.

Our Prowise Touchscreen Ten is fitted with two USB-C ports. One at the front of the touchscreen and one on the side at the back of the screen. Get to know this touchscreen or schedule a demo online or at your school.

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